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Our hotel and the environment

Top quality regional produce

For us sustainability is a lot more than just a word!

We have our own little brochure in which we list all our activities and achievements. If you would like to read it, please contact us at -

Here is a short extract -

2015 - Installation of a water softening system to reduce detergent usage

           Renovation of our heating and hot water systems to include state of the art technology

           Other local products - mustard, dumpling bread, free range eggs and organic wines!

2014 - Renovation of our superior and panorama rooms by local firms using local materials.

          Modernisation of cooling systems to include heat generation technology.

           Use of various award-winning teas, from controlled sources (organic, Rain-Forest-Alliance approved).

           All sausage and cold meat products are locally sourced, bearing the AMA seal of quality.

2013 - All our milk products are obtained exclusively from Vorarlberg Milch, where possible organic and locally sourced.

           Cleaning materials are all biodegradable, and the majority bear the EU ecolabel.

2012 - All our printing is done on 100% recycled paper and using vegetable dyes.

           Our coffee is certified as organic, and approved by the Rainforest-Alliance

           Our local cheese comes from the Schoppernau mountain cheese dairy and is produced from the milk of hay-fed cows.

2011 - All our light bulbs and spots reflect the very latest technology. We have installed over 850 LEDs!

           As far as possible drinks such as beer, juice, lemonade and mineral water are produced locally.

           Electricity is 80% hydro-electric, 5% wind energy, 6% green energy, 8% natural gas, 1% coal; zero nuclear power.

The environment is very important to us

For many years we have been trying to run our entire hotel in line with the standards of the Austrian and the European ecolabels. Sustainability is not just about controlling the provenance of ingredients used in our cuisine, or how they are prepared.

It is a way of life, and one that we all strictly adhere to in the Weisses Kreuz:

  • Use all our resources sensibly and sparingly
  • All people are of equal value and deserve to be treated with equal respect
  • Buy responsibly - local purchases have priority


Austrian ecolabel

The Austrian Ecolabel

At present Austria's leading national environmental award for tourism is divided into four categories: products, tourism, educational enterprises and Green Meetings & Events.

The tourism category is concerned with:

Energy-saving measures, environmentally friendly rubbish disposal methods, efficient use of resources, including giving priority to regional and seasonal cuisine; all these hotel criteria and more are taken into account in the awarding of the Austrian tourism ecolabel.

At the moment there are roughly 300 accommodation providers in Austria bearing the Austrian seal of quality; with a total of approx. 26,000 beds, they range from mountain huts and small B&Bs right through to five star hotels, restaurants and catering companies.


The European Ecolabel

The EU ecolabel is the environmental designation recognised in all member states of the European Union, as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

This voluntary symbol was introduced as an EU regulation in 1992 (Regulation EWG 880/92), and since then has developed into a reference guide for all consumers wishing to bring about a reduction in environmental pollution by the increased use of environmentally friendly products and services.

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