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The abbey library and cathedral, St. Gallen

The abbey precinct in St.Gallen is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thanks to its rich decoration and perfect classical proportions, the grand hall in the abbey library is famed as the finest example of a Baroque interior in Switzerland and, indeed, as one of the most architecturally accomplished library buildings in the world.

Baroque hall in St.Gallen abbey library, (c) Stiftsbibliothek St.Gallen

Unesco World Heritage Site

The abbey library in St.Gallen is the oldest in Switzerland, and one of the largest and oldest monastery libraries in the world. Its exceptionally valuable collection of books manifests the development of European culture, as well as documenting the cultural accomplishments of St. Gallen's monastery from the 8th century right through to the abbey's dissolution in year 1805.

Fundamental works on European ecclesiastical history, which have been solicitously handed down through the ages, are stored here for safekeeping. As a result of this, UNESCO decided in 1983 to include the St. Gallen abbey library, together with the entire abbey precinct, in its list of World Heritage Sites. The undisputed jewel in the collection is the mainly indigenous corpus of manuscripts dating back to the time of the Charlemagne and the Emperor Otto in the 8th - 11th centuries AD. 

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