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Einsiedeln monastery

Dominating the surrounding region, the Benedictine abbey of Einsiedeln, now an imposing Baroque complex dating from the 18th century, was originally founded over a thousand years ago. Thanks to the much-venerated "Black Madonna", Einsiedelnhas been one of Europe's leading places of pilgrimage since the Middle Ages. The ancient route of San Diego de Compostela passes close by.

Einsiedeln monastery, Photo: Einsiedeln Tourismus

1,000 years of history

Over the course of the centuries the hitherto Romanesque and subsequently Gothic monastic buildings crumbled, and were no longer sufficient for the monastery's needs. Consequently, in 1704 work started on a new Baroque monastery complex, which we still see today.

The east-facing monastery church, in which the monks meet several times a day for worship, constitutes the central section of the complex.

The Asam brothers, craftsmen from Munich, were responsible for the interior decoration of the ceiling and walls of the nave with paintings and stucco.

The abbey church is open daily. Take a look behind the façade and learn more about the monastery's thousand-year history. Einsiedeln tourist office organises daily guided tours of the abbey.

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