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Vorarlberg Museum

This museum offers an insight into days gone by, depicting the cultural and artistic history of Vorarlberg from the time of Angelika Kaufmann through to the present day.

Vorarlberg Museum: literally Vorarlberg, Photo: Vorarlberg Museum Markus Tretter


The Vorarlberg Museum collection encompasses approximately 160,000 objects of the most varied types: archeological artefacts, sacred and secular art dating from the earliest times up to the present day, items of local folklore, and much more besides.

Certain parts of the display, such as the collection of works by the artist Angelika Kauffmann, are absolutely priceless. Other items are of great historical value for the region and its people. In more recent times non-material data such as eye witness interviews and media accounts are increasingly important. After visiting the museum the panorama room on the top floor should not be missed. This is the perfect place to switch off from the kaleidoscope of different impressions, and simply absorb the fabulous views of Lake Constance. The entrance to this room is not that easy to find, but it's well worth taking the trouble to ask! 

The Vorarlberg museum offers a number of different exhibitions which change regularly.


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