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Alpine zoo, Feldkirch

Feldkirch alpine zoo offers a unique chance to see all kinds of wild animals, such as marmots, eagles and ibex to mention just a few. A perfect place for families!

Alpine zoo Feldkirch

Discover the natural world of our wild animals

Feldkirch alpine zoo provides a real insight into the natural world of our indigenous wild animals for both parents and children alike. Watching the animals in their natural habitat is something very special for most children; the hard part is often spotting the animals in the first place!  Most of them are so well camouflaged, hidden in the surrounding woodlands, that you need to look two or three times before you can see them. With an area of 10 ha, Feldkirch alpine zoo is home to over 150 animals, among them wolves, marmots, mountain hares, eagles and lynx. But you may also catch glimpses of other, less familiar species of animals, such as mufflons, which most children will not know.

In addition to the alpine zoo, Feldkirch woodland park offers an educational trail guaranteed to satisfy the hunger of even the keenest natural history student. Over 70 information boards supply everything you could possibly wish to know about the woodland's animal and plant life, natural ecosystems, climate and soil types. The park is open 24 hours a day all year round. Entry is free of charge, although you may like to make a voluntary contribution.

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