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Lucerne, on the lake of the same name

The town of Lucerne is the gateway to the mountains surrounding the lakeside region. From the historic lakeside villages where William Tell shot the apple up to the eternal snows of the Titlis; from the summit of Lucerne's local mountain, Pilatus, to the lovely countryside beyond - everything is within easy reach at any time of year.

Lucerne, Photo: Luzern Tourismus Wuala

The cradle of the Swiss nation

In this area it's difficult to get away from the diverse history of the Swiss Confederation. Surrounded by the cantons Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden, the Lake Lucerne lies in the very heart of Switzerland. With the wooden chapel bridge over the Reuss, the weeping lion, and the charming medieval quarter, Lucerne is not only the largest town on the lake, is is also doubtless the most interesting, and worth a visit at any time of year.

Lake Lucerne is home to Europe's largest inland shipping line. Around the lake an imposing 360 degree panorama  is afforded by the peaks of the Pre-Alps, which are easily accessible, thanks to a dense network of mountain railways and cable cars unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Apart from its beautiful and varied mountain scenery and its pristine lakes, the Lake Lucerne region offers many attractions and historical places of interest to visit. Take a boat trip around the lake to really take in the beauty of Rigi and Pilatus, the two best-known peaks around the lake. And, to the south of the lake, don't forget Uri, home of Wilhelm Tell, where you can visit a museum commemorating the town's most famous son.

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