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The medieval quarter, Feldkirch

Feldkirch's delightful old quarter is the best preserved medieval town in Vorarlberg, bridging the centuries in its own indefinable way. Lying at the foot of the formidable Schattenburg castle, the narrow winding streets just call out to be explored.

Feldkirch, Photo: Vorarlberg Tourismus, walser-image

Nostalgic memories

The stone walls of Austria's most westerly town stand witness to the history of the Middle Ages, testifying to a distant bygone age. Imagine yourself transported back in time as you stroll beneath the porticos of Feldkrich's romantic old town. Not to be missed is a visit to Feldkirch's Gothic cathedral of St. Nikolaus. The newly renovated altar paintings by Wolf Huber are especially charming.

The painted facade of the town hall,   showing Emperor Maximilian amongst the citizens of Feldkirch, the old Templar church, Market Lane, the Conservatory of Music - there's an awful lot of interesting places to see.

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