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The Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen

The Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfall in Europe, are a mind-blowing sight for even the most brazen of visitors. You can approach either from the Schaffhausen side, where the car park is directly next to the waterfall, or down a flight of steps from Laufen Castle.

Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen

Europe's biggest waterfall

With a width of over 150 metres, the Falls hurl immense quantities of water, thundering and seething, 23 metres down over the precipice. The most impressive view of the water's dramatic power is from the Rhine Falls basin, on the Schaffhausen side of the river. From here it is possible to take a boat ride out to the central rocks. An experience not to be missed! From Laufen castle, perched high above the Rhine Falls, a footpath takes you past the seething mass of water to the "Fischetz" platform, directly next to the Falls..

How about a pleasant little Rhineland boat trip through unrivalled scenery down to Rheinau? You can indulge in something tasty to eat in the restaurant at Schlössli Wörth, the Restaurant Park am Rheinfall or at Schloss Laufen: the impressive Rhine Falls have a habit of making people hungry! More daring visitors can find both adventure and wonderful views in Switzerland's biggest rope park.

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