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Bentele Schnapps Distillery

in Egg in the Bregenzerwald

Visit the Bregenzerwald's bee-keeping centre and exhibition schnapps distillery. In Vorarlberg the distilling of top-grade spirits has a centuries-old tradition. Interested visitors to the centre can learn all there is to know about bee-keeping techniques, bees, honey and, naturally, about the background of the production of schnapps and liqueurs.

Bentele bee-keeping centre and demonstration distillery in Egg

Top-grade spirits and first-rate chocolates

Fragrant mountain air and an idyllic position in the heart of nature combine to produce top-grade spirits with a high alcohol content. The Bentele brothers will have already poured the welcome drinks and will personally take you round the bee-keeping centre and the exhibition distillery.  

First of all you see the spacious bee hives, built from wood and glass. And of course, these bees don't sting - you just have to know the tricks! Then you proceed to the tour of the exhibition schnapps distillery, where you learn about the traditional production of top-grade spirits, from the mash to the distilling process.

The resulting products range from schnapps to top-grade spirits and liqueurs, reflecting the scents and tastes of the changing seasons; not forgetting the first-rate Gsiberger chocolates, whose unique soft centres reflect the regional specialities. In addition, a wide assortment of farm produce from the Bregenzerwald cheesemaking area cannot fail to impress the visitor.

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