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Rhaetic Railway

Travel the route of the Swiss Glacier-Express from Chur to St. Moritz

A train trip on the Rhaetic Railway is an adventure for young and old alike. Starting in Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, you travel to St. Moritz, a real gem of of a winter sports resort. This is one of the most stunning sections of the legendary Glacier Express, over the Albula pass into the Engadine valley.

The Rhaetic Railway, copyright by Rhaetische Bahn

The world's slowest express train!

Through pristine mountain scenery, over mighty alpine torrents and snaking beneath towering crags of rock, the train climbs slowly upwards as far as the clouds. A trip on the Glacier- Express through the Swiss Alps is a unique experience, a true journey of superlatives.

Board the little red train in Chur or Tiefencastel, sit back and marvel as it climbs high into the mountains. The Landwasser viaduct and the section of the railway over the Albula pass have earned UNESCO World Heritage status. Our destination is the alpine metropolis St. Moritz, home of modern winter sports. Even today this little town makes quite an impression, its venerable old hotels like the Palace and the Kulm enjoying world renown.

Lying on the south side of the alpine chain, the Engadine valley enjoys an enviable climate. There isn't another region in Switzerland with as many hours of sunshine per year. In winter the trip is made even more impressive by the clear air and the dazzling white of the snowy landscape.

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