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The little “Wälderbähnle” railway

from Bezau to Schwarzenberg

The Bregenzerwald region enjoys a very special place in our hearts. An appreciation of tradition, an open minded attitude, a healthy combination of old and new - these are just some of its regional characteristics. Take a train ride on one of the historical old-timers, and experience the gentle hilly scenery at the more sedate pace of bygone years.

Bregenzerwälderbähnle railway

A piece of living history

In the past, the little Wälderbähnle railway was the main means of transport for the whole valley. Then the line was taken out of service, and the Bregenzerwald area lost something precious. Now the railway is operating again as aworking museum, running between Bezau and Schwarzenbergon a regular schedule between May and October. Special trips can be booked at any time.

The over 100 year old steam engine, which alternates with a historical diesel locomotive, can be seen puffing along through the beautiful countryside, to the delight of the many holidaymakers. A ride through this beautiful hilly countryside, with its deep green meadows and woodlands, is guaranteed to please the eye and inspire the soul.

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