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Christmas markets on the borders of four countries

Visit the best Christmas markets around Lake Constance: in St. Gallen, in Konstanz or in the old town centre of Feldkirch. With sparkling Christmas lights, the scent of almonds and mulled wine in the air, Christmas music and Advent concerts adding a festive touch, these Christmas markets are a feast for the senses.

Christmas market in Feldkirch with the Johanniter church

Advent - a time for reflection

Come with us to visit the best Christmas markets around Lake Constance. One of the most popular of these takes place in the old provincial capital of Konstanz - throughout the pedestrian zone, along the shores of Lake Constance, even on board ship! A very special atmosphere prevails here to await the arrival of the baby Jesus.

Also worth visiting are the markets at Ravensburg, Einsiedeln, St. Gallen, Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch, each one having its own very individual character. Every market tries to incorporate and pass on as much tradition and folklore as they can muster. Even the biggest Christmas market in the whole of southern Germany, spreading round the walls of the Ulm Minster, is just a stone's throw away. And don't forget Zürich, which has three Christmas markets, each one lovelier than the last!

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